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Part-time positions are available at both Creve Coeur and Chesterfield to teach private lessons and small group sessions. Now, summer locations are being hired, and positions are immediately available for daytime, evening and weekend shifts.

Assist other health care professionals in providing patient information - specific and detailed information on the appropriateness of action where appropriate, in terms of disease processes and access, and emergency assistance and provision of information that members may need. Assist in emergencies, receive messages, answer the phone, assist with other fitness operations that contribute to the customer experience, and perform other fitness operations that contribute to the customer experience. Support in the operation and adaptation of fitness equipment, audio and visual equipment. The property has its own mind / body studio with a full service gym, gym, gym, massage room, yoga studio, weight room and gym.

To develop further knowledge of health and fitness, including, but not limited to, training provided by J.I.T.S. and demonstrated by the Training Program at the University of Missouri Health Science Center.

The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) must meet the certification requirements required by the state and CMS schedules. Instructors must have the current CPR and AED First Aid certification with Professional Rescuer. Must have been approved and acted in accordance with the Missouri Department of Health and the State of Missouri.

Includes complete records and reports within the required timeframe and includes, but is not limited to, schedules. Tracking of payments for each session and tracking of payments for the next three months.

Make sure that all vital signs are preserved before the reinfusion, make sure that all care signatures are documented, check treatment sheets for completeness and make sure that all omitted entries are completed and corrected if necessary. Perform a thorough review of all treatments, including arterial and venous monitoring and pressure. Report unusual findings to the nurse or supervisor and intervene if necessary. Check and check the treatment sheet for its completion and add and correct any defects.

Check out the latest fitness promotions offered at the JCC and other fitness centers in the St. Louis area. Learn about all the programs offered in J CC and get to know them to better meet the needs of your customers.

Teach participants who meet the standards set by the JCC and national certification bodies in fun, informative and safe courses. Development and management of recognised objectives - oriented fitness programmes approved by recognised national fitness certification bodies. Provide your members with exemplary customer service and take initiatives and measures to respond, resolve and track customer and service issues with your customers promptly. Provide security to everyone in your gym, whether in the gym, gym, gym or guarded pool, and be better for our members.

Please note: Special tasks can be defined on the basis of common interest, such as conducting monthly seminars for members, supporting joint public relations projects or assisting in the development of new programs for niche interests. Support the Health and Human Services Department's FMC Quality Improvement Goals (QEP), including those related to patient satisfaction. Active participation in process improvement activities to increase the likelihood that patients will achieve our quality improvement or Qep goals.

If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please submit a CV, cover letter and application and indicate the position you are applying for. In the subject line of your email, indicate the positions you are applying for and your desired location.

If your certificate expires within one year of its issue, you will be considered for continued employment subject to the same eligibility requirements as your current employment status. The expiry date of this certificate is the one-year anniversary of your last working day in the current position.

Newly hired lifeguards are eligible for a $250 bonus - for the first 100 hours. This position requires the ability to work at multiple locations, to open and close the pool, and to work in multiple locations. While a trainer has to work through the schedule, the most successful trainers are able to offer hours and time slots.

Employees often need to lift and lower solutions (up to 30 lbs.) And / or lower them. Employees occasionally have to push or pull equipment while exercising 15 pounds of force.

The physical requirements and characteristics of the work environment described here are what employees encounter when performing essential functions of the job. Accurate and timely information about vital signs and treatment parameters is required. The prescribed order includes dialysis, blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels, as well as blood sugar levels.

re-rack weights and help maintain a neat, organized and clean training area in the fitness center. Daily work includes physiotherapy, physical education, fitness training, nutrition and physical fitness.

We are looking for a state-certified trainer who is willing to work out a flexible schedule to meet the needs of customers. This role is strategic, but also practical and will comprehensively support personnel responsibility in the form of training, nutrition, physical education, fitness training and fitness training.